Introducing myself

Weight loss is easier than you think.  You can have the body you always wanted regardless of your age or your gender.  In this blog, I share with you my secrets to my weight loss success.  Many of these posts are explained in more detail in my book, “Secrets of an Over 50 Former Fat Man” which is available at

It has been two years since I started my weight loss journey and I have kept the weight off.  I will be blogging about the journey itself in addition to how I’ve maintained.

If I can do this, anyone can!  I have had a heart attack and have slight paralysis due to a back injury from weight lifting.  My lungs are now expanded to their fullest and my circulation is excellent.  I have found a method to success that avoided further injury to my back.  It’s never to late to achieve fitness and health.  If you’re not doing it for yourself, do it for the others in your life that would rather you stick around than occupy a 3×6 box with a minimal view.

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