Workout tip day 1

Workout tip day 1: The harder you try, the easier it gets.
I always told my boys, get on the other side of a bad thing.  Working out is not necessarily bad.  It shouldn’t be hard either.  However you should always try harder.  As humans we have within us the ability to push ourselves.  This makes us more confident.  Vince Lombardi was a very successful coach who preached pursuing perfection as a manner of achieving excellence.  The harder you try, the closer you get to excellence.  And believe it or not, it gets easier.  I am proof of that.  Whereas my 45 pound dumb bells were very difficult to lift into place at first, I now throw them around as if they were nothing.  I kept trying even through the pain in my tendons.  My tendons grew stronger and the pain eventually subsided.  It got easier because I tried harder.

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