You’ve got it rough. Really?

So how hard was your day? Hard enough to make you want to give up? The sun’s out. I’m finishing my work, going to Red Rocks, doing two hours that yes involves pain, frustration, and requires incentive to complete. All of the time I will be realizing how lucky I am that the only pain I feel, I bring on myself. The only thing keeping me from climbing the stairs at RR is laziness and not a physical impediment. BTW, today’s workout is dedicated to Clare Klase finding out the lumps in his chest are not malignant. Just another reason to celebrate the gifts in life with a workout rather than complaining about that which never came to be. If you have been given the gift of a pain free, disease free body, use it. There are thousands who wish they had what you have. Throw away the cigarette and habit and stop abusing your body. It’s a gift. Don’t waste the gift that others are denied.

Watch this Amazing video of a happy, less fortunate person

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