It’s very important to have a motivational figure in your life

I actually had two motivators in my life, Vince Lombardi and Jerry Kramer.

Vince taught a man how to get the most out of himself.  He preached the pursuit of perfection as a method of achieving excellence.

Jerry Kramer spoke of Vince in his many books that he wrote.  Like Jerry, I was a guard and a place kicker and became an author. Unlike Jerry, I was the second lightest guy on the team yet i started on the line with the big boys.  That is what playing to the level of Lombardi can accomplish.

Jerry scored more than the New York Giants whole team did in the 1962 championship game yet he remains the only Green Bay Packer from those championship teams that has never been elected to the NFL.  This painting is for his campaign to enter the Hall of Fame.  To learn more, join the Facebook group 17 2015 finally some color on Vince

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