It’s Time to Have That Difficult Conversation With a Smoker

They say you can’t fix stupid and smoking is one of thee most stupid things that you can do.  Although it will be difficult, have a conversation with a smoker.  Try to get them to quit while they can.  In the last month, I’ve lost an aunt to smoking and a kid I went to school with had to have a lung removed.

The dangers of smoking are real, folks.  It will eventually catch up with you.  As for me, fit and healthy over 50, I’m not about to date a woman who has granny lips from wrapping them around a cigarette, has the potential to be laid up in the hospital, or has to drag an oxygen bottle around.  Smoking is a major red flag for me.  Although I’d support a partner for life through good and bad, I’m going to be selfish and avoid smokers who were selfishly abusing their health.

In closing, here is a link to a comparison of lungs from a smoker and a nonsmoker.

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