Fitness has improved my body immensely

For those of you who measure the emotional value of blog titles, that one scored a 50%.  50-75% is considered to be a skilled copywriter.  More importantly, the higher the rank, the better chance of hooking a reader.  Maybe I am more than just a dumb gym rat.  Of course I’m not a gym rat at all.  I’m outdoors in the beautiful Colorado sun when weather permits….even with the dumb bells and Pilates machine.

I have notice a lot of improvements in my body after becoming fit.  Sure there are the aesthetics of looking better, the reduced fat, the increased muscle tone and definition.  The improvements I notice are that I have better function in other areas such as breathing, movement, and yes, bowel movement.

Breathing is the most important function to me.  I keep my lungs expanded to their maximum point.  I measure this by breathing in fully and seeing if I feel any restrictions.  It took me a good three to four months to get this restriction free level from a totally sedentary lifestyle on a barstool.  I wasn’t a smoker ever.  The restrictions were due to normal everyday air pollutants and pollen.  The lack of expanding my lungs regularly had a lot to do with it.  Mucus had built up in the unused portions.  Another advantage of being fit is to rid yourself of this hideous bodily fluid.  The slightest little lung infection can limit me.  I discovered this last August while climbing Squaw Mountain near my home.  A 28 year old smoker was with me and doing fine.  I had to keep stopping.  It was the other way around a few weeks earlier when I hiked with a friend who wasn’t quite in shape.  In summary, if my lungs aren’t fully without restriction, I up the cardio until they are.  It gives me the ability to dance all night and perhaps do horizontal activities without getting winded.

Movement is another area I notice a big change.  I can squat and look under the sink with ease now whereas it took effort before.  I can sit up straight from a bench with just my legs powering me.  I don’t need to push off with my arms.  When I had a pendulous belly, I would have to wait until a plane landed to get anything that was on the floor.  I couldn’t bend forward and pick it up due to the obstruction.  Now I just bend and get it.  I don’t feel like I’m going to burst across my middle.

The final subject, albeit TMI, is about bowel movement.  Whereas before this might be a laborious task that took place several times a day, it is now a once a day occurrence.  Typically it is within a few minutes of getting vertical in the morning.  Then it’s a quick process that takes less than a minute.  Rarely do I go more than once.  There is no pain like the days when I ate oatmeal as recommended by Michael Jordan.  “Better eat your whole grains”; I think NOT!

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