How to Maintain Your Fitness

Sooner or later, life’s commitments will creep into your schedule and take over.  My advice is not to let this happen.  This blog talks about a few ways to keep on your fitness routine.

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The benches at Red Rocks are Perfect for Leveraging from While Doing Leg Lifts

I made a pact with myself that helps me stay fit.  I live in the mountains and often have to visit Denver which us locals refer to as “down the hill”.  Along the way to Denver is one of my favorite work out venues, Red Rocks Amphitheater.  I made a pact that I can’t pass Red Rocks without working out.  Therefore, I always allot time for my workout in any of these trips.

I have to think ahead when scheduling Red Rocks as there are two factors that might affect my visit; the amphitheater closes at certain times and Colorado often gets afternoon rain in the summer.

The amphitheater has varying times when it is accessible.  I check the calendar for these times so that I know when to go.  My workout takes two hours.  The park often closes at 1 PM.  Therefore, I try to get there by 11 AM.  The times vary for when the park closes based on the desires of the band that is appearing.  The closing times aren’t always published.  I’ve found myself doing dips on a railing as a celebrity who was appearing that evening was being filmed in an interview above me.  Nothing stops the workout so I went about my business.  It was interesting to hear the responses to the interview.  Work outs aren’t always mundane.  Often a gift like this comes from my session.

In addition to checking the theater schedule, I watch the weather.  I work around any rain.  Although I try not to let weather affect me, rain often chills me beyond my ability to remain comfortable.  Therefore I avoid the rain.  On occasion I’ve had to wait out the rain for a bit.  The blue skies of Colorado return quickly.  The sun burns off the water allowing me to do my abdominal routine and push ups.  I’m blessed to live in a place that enhances my routine with pleasant weather and an amazing place like Red Rocks.

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