Summertime is the best time for keeping fit

Summertime offers so many ways to keep fit.  Even with the many events that are going on you can find time to workout.

I live in a town that has live music all weekend.  It’s hard to work out during the music however I have found a way to insert activity.  Typically two bands play on any given day.  It takes an hour between shows.  I use that hour to walk around Evergreen Lake.  It’s especially nice this time of year as the sun is just setting around 8 PM when the band breaks.

Scott Deuty, Evergreen Lake, Sunset

Evergreen Lake Sunset June 26, 2015

The sunsets in the Rockies are incredible as are the sunrises.  The varying light causes an ever changing display of colors in the sky.  The colors appear in different places as the sun reflects off the clouds.  They come and go quickly so I have to catch them when I can.  I also have to look from different perspectives as the surrounding mountains block views.  This gives me an opportunity to walk around the lake.  It’s a great way to burn off some calories.

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