Memorable Mountainside Moments in My Weight Loss Journey

There have been a number of memorable moments in my weight loss journey.  Each of them carries a special place in my mind.


I like to climb an elevation near me as it is convenient and offers an intense half hour of cardio exercise.  The access road that I travel climbs 500 feet in 1.2 miles.  At the end is an overlook that makes it worth the effort.  I remember the many times along this path.  At first I couldn’t make it without stopping several times.

There is a tree along the way that provides shade in the summer while shading the snow which keeps it from melting in the winter.   When I first started climbing in July, I would seek refuge from the hot sun in the shade that it offered.  In the winter I would curse it as I slugged through the snow that slowed my progress.

Then there was the time a lightning storm was approaching.  I knew I should turn back yet I went further and wasted time resting.  When the storm moved in, lightening was striking on either side of me.  I thought I was a goner as I was a lightning rod sticking out on the side of the mountain.  I kept aware of any changes in the static electricity around me that might be indicated by my hair rising up.  I was ready to hit the dirt and plane out in order to dissipate the electricity.

I had many a conversation on this hillside using my cell phone.  Some were memorable, some were frightening.  There was the time when I had to beg a client to continue using me due to being bad mouthed by someone who wanted to take over.  Fortunately the client sided with me and saw the hostile intent of my adversary.  I’ve called my sons from that overlook to check on their lives as they proceed through college.  I’ve even conducted a job interview on that mountainside.

There were many pictures taken and texts sent along the way.  So many appreciate the views of Pikes Peak, Mount Evans, and the lights of Denver below.  I remember my aunt’s concern for my safety when I posted about encountering cougar tracks.  I responded that I would prefer to go from a cougar attack rather than in a nursing home that smelled of urine with a staff that could care less about me.  My aunt often commented on the beauty of my pictures.  She passed in May due to smoking her whole life.  I miss her.


Last night’s journey created new memories.  A double rainbow gifted me with its presence.  I took along my friend’s German Sheppard Wolfie who enjoyed the trip. He also offer cougar protection while acting as an early alert mechanism.  There is safety in numbers in cougar territory.

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