You can have the body you always wanted without spending much

I paid less than $35 for equipment that helped me lose 60 pounds.  Most of the equipment I obtained was free.  This includes my Pilates machine, yoga mat, and dumb bells.

When my 15 pound dumb bells were no longer doing the trick, I found some used 45 pounders for $30 on Craigslist.  I then traded my 15 pounders for ones that I could add or subtract weight disks to.  All I have to do know is watch for weight plates to buy.  A friend ordered a new Total Gym and was discarding her Pilates machine.  I got it free  Within two weeks it had caved the sides of my stomach in after months of trying.  I adapted it to do all kinds of exercises.

Scott Deuty, weight loss, fitness, over 50

My yoga mat, weight belt, and dumb bells cost under $35.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to build a decent workout facility.  People are always discarding equipment.  This makes it easy to obtain.  Many people have equipment just sitting around.  Although they had good intentions for using it, now it just takes up space.  You can pick these glorious finds up for a song.  Make a low offer.  In most cases they’ll be happy just to get rid of the item that’s taking up space.

Garage sales are another place to find good equipment.  I also look at thrift stores.  The weight belt that I use cost $3.  When a friend had a back injury, he borrowed the belt.  He loved the adjustable nature of it.  When he researched the same type on the internet, he couldn’t find one for less than $200.  This was a lesson in seizing the opportunity.

Scott Deuty, weight loss, fitness, over 50

Adding Dumb bells increases the resistance thus rendering a better workout

I also save money by doing free things for my cardio workout.  Hiking trails near my home are free as is Red Rocks.  I work out at home rather than pay a gym.  When I stay at a hotel, I plan my workout so as to take advantage of their facility.  When i stay at a friend’s apartment complex, I use their equipment.

Working out at different locations takes some ingenuity.  Be flexible and adapt to various machines.  If you get set in the same old routine, it will be hard for you to hit all of the muscle groups.  Look around at a new location.  You’ll be surprised at what it offers.  You also might be surprised at what it’s lacking.

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