You Can Train Your Body to Like Activity #weightloss

Yesterday was proof that my body is trained to like activity.  I climbed a 500 foot trail from an elevation of 10,960 to 11,454 feet without having to stop.  This is because my body has been trained to accept my new lifestyle.  Note that the air is much thinner at this altitude than many others.  I had no difficulty due to the altitude because I had built up to the challenge.

Rarely do I ever feel the muscle pain of lactic acid buildup.  I used to have this feeling and wrote about powering through it in my book, “Secrets of An Over 50 Former Fat Man”.  Now however I don’t get that temporary pain when climbing a slope.  It also fails to appear when I lift dumb bells.  My body has been trained to respond to activity and I’m liking it.  By removing one more hindrance, I am more likely to work out and like it.

My lungs are now uninhibited as well.  Whereas I had to stop to catch my breath early on in my lifestyle, I now just keep going.  It took three long months to clear my lungs to a point where they were restriction free.  Now that they are there I can just keep going.  I perform cardio workouts at least every three days to keep my longs open.  I also take in air at full capacity in order to keep them open.  It’s amazing how fast my heart rate slows when I perform this act of ingesting oxygen.  My grandfather used to take deep breaths upon awakening.  He lived to be 92.

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The road got longer and my smile got wider

My hike up to the fire tower on Squaw Mountain was very rewarding.   As the road got longer, my smile got bigger.  Every time I thought a bend meant the end, rounding the corner revealed another stretch of uphill.  I was actually a bit disappointed when I reached my destination.  It was a good thing as the cool air, dryness, and elevation had sapped my body.  I was in need of hydrating and could feel it in my muscles.  I had only perspired a small amount of actual sweat running down my body.  The majority had evaporated.  When you lose moisture in this fashion, it is very dangerous.  You don’t realize your loss.  If you don’t hydrate, it can result in convulsions and reduced ability to think clearly.

Along the way, I encountered a hiker who complained of the heat.  I was quite comfortable.  In fact, I had felt an initial chill due to my sleeveless shirt I was wearing.  I realized that my training at the lower 5,000 foot elevations of Red Rocks was paying off as the heat did not affect me nearly as much.  Again, I had trained my body.  You can too.  Read my book and get out to enjoy the summer while getting fit!

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