I’ll Keep An Ear(bud) Out For Ya #weightloss #fitness

Ear buds provide the technology that frees you to perform many tasks including your daily workout.  These little gems of quality sound have brought speakers into your personal space.  The sound quality and noise reduction have vastly improved.  Therein lies the problem. #weightloss #fitness

The reduction or elimination of noise means you could be eliminating one of your five senses (hearing) that are there to alert you from danger.  Therefore, if you are working out near traffic or any other hazardous environment such as running or biking near a construction zone, you are exposing yourself to potential injury.  This extends beyond physical activities to those such as driving.  There is an easy solution, keep one ear bud out so that you can hear your environment’s warning signals.

One place where this is very valuable is cougar country.  The locations where I hike are known for having mountain lions present.  Others have seen and heard them.  I have cut across their tracks in the snow.  Although they are silent stalking predators, cougars will generally warn you vocally when you approach their kill.  If you don’t have your ear bud out, you might not hear the warning and become Little Friskies.  Of course this beats dying in a nursing home that smells of urine while being staffed by people who really aren’t paid enough to give a dam about you.

Lion encounters are best addressed by not having an encounter in the first place.  By having an advanced warning through your ability to hear, you most likely avoid an encounter.  If you do have an encounter, it remains to be seen whether you will be a bigger youtube sensation for killing the lion or being killed by the lion based on recent occurrences.  Personally, I would rather avoid each by keeping an ear bud out.

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