Tis the season #weightloss #stockingstuffer

It’s that time of year when we throw caution to the wind and indulge.  We promise ourselves we will restart in January.  In order to begin your transition to the body you always wanted, start convincing yourself now.


Along with the holiday comes the opportunity to start changing your life.  You can also change the lives of others.  Investing in or requesting a copy of my book, “Secrets of an Over 50 Former Fat Man“, is cheaper than a gym membership.  Also, this will allow you to begin your change during the holidays while you are away from your normal busy schedule.


There are a lot of indulgences that lure you into false satisfaction.  Along with the momentary “feel good” of treats, include some activities into your routine as a way to provide a more desirable form of satisfaction.  A brisk walk with family or friends gives you a chance to get out of the house and show visitors something new.  A walk among the Christmas lights is even a better way to get out.  Whereas treats and alcohol provide only temporary satisfaction, getting your blood flowing will provide you with even better results that last longer.  You will begin to expand your lungs and start using muscles that are essential to improving your fitness.  As the endorphins build, feelings will transition from fatigue to rewarding.  Putting forth effort in advance will make it easier when you take it up a notch after the holidays.  It really does build on itself if you give it a try.

Eating smarter will also help.  Limit sugar and snacks while satisfying hunger with healthier alternatives such as nuts.  As you reduce your sugar intake you will find that the flavors in other foods become more noticeable and enjoyable.  You will also notice that your cravings will drop and you will feel full faster.  Sugar tends to make you hungrier while causing your body to spike in insulin.  This in turn causes you to want to eat to satisfy the sugar low.  Moderation will average this out while reducing the spiking and eating less.

By starting your lifestyle change DURING the holidays until after the end, you will stand a better chance of sticking with it.  You will be less likely to quit.  Start with increments.  The weight didn’t come on all at once so it won’t fall off quickly either.  Invest in yourself a little at a time while observing the improvements.  They will incentivise you to improve even further.  You can do this.  All it takes is a little determination.

Have a great holiday!  Give the gift of happiness that a fit body provides.  “Secrets of an Over 50 Former Fat Man”Secrets of an Over Fifty Former Fat Man”.

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