It’s Not the Breaths That I Took, It’s the Breaths That Were Taken Away #weightloss

This is a blog on the good and bad of breathing.  As we know, taking one’s breath away or leaving them breathless often refers to the emotion of awe.  There are however bad times associated with being breathless.  Most you can control, some you can’t.

Of course if you’re comedian Ron White and your interpreting a commercial, buying her a diamond will take her breath away or as he interprets it, “That’ll shut her up.”

There were many times my breath was taken away in a desirable manner.  Many of these occurrences were due to aesthetically pleasing sights including my own paintings.  Certainly the birth of each of my two sons and seeing them for the first time were breathless moments.  The many sights of Colorado and autumn in particular surely are among them.

Some of the breathless moments where initiated by sound.  Being named Captain of the football team and summoned to the cockpit of a plane for a flight were among them.  Having my name called for certain achievements or as the winner of a contest worked too.  Getting 15 minutes radio coverage on my book was another time.  By the way, hearing yourself on the radio is just as disappointing as seeing yourself on video at least when you have a voice like mine.

Many breathless moments came from experiences.  First kiss, certain encounters, and the taste of chocolate come to mind.  Feeling the kick of a four barrel opening and experiencing the rumble of open headers also spark my memory.

There are other breathless moments that were negative.  I’ll mention them here.  That allows me to move on to another more positive subject so that I may end this writing on a happy note.  The choking of cigarette smoke was one group of breathless moments I shall never forget.  You selfish sonsabitches and daughtersabitches that smoked in the bars are culprits.  The results of your selfishness are so bad that a friend of mine who was a singer now sleeps with oxygen due to your filthy habit.  If she wanted to sing in the bars, she had to be exposed to your unsavory, unfiltered byproduct.  If I wanted to be in the bars meeting ladies, I had to choke and listen to that worthless, Michael Jacksoff, Thriller album.  In addition, my clothes would choke me throughout the night if I hung them in the closet as the embedded tobacco polluted my room.  As it is I have to restrain myself nowadays when I see someone with an oxygen bottle.  Getting in their faces is my form of touché for their lack of consideration for my own lungs.  I’d like to inform them that they got what they deserved.  As it is, I won’t date a former smoker as I don’t want to inherit their problems, period.  I’m not dragging an oxygen bottle around for anyone but me and certainly don’t want the hindrance for boarding an airplane.  Enough negativity for now.  I did post this view of smoking in hopes that it will convince people to quit.  In many ways, it sucks big time.

And now the real reason for approaching the subject of breathless moments on a fitness blog.  In the world of fitness, breathless goes with the territory.  One often exceeds their maximum lung capacity.  As for me, it took three to four long months to be able to climb my chosen work out slopes without stopping.  Although I wasn’t a smoker, my lungs were that clogged up due to not being used to their full capacity.  Once I cleared them, life really opened up for me.  I now try to keep them open with high reps on the weights in addition to my aerobic activities such as climbing slopes.

I don’t ever want to have less than full lung capacity again.  I like to push it to that level however to be honest with you, many activities don’t get me there.  Sex is one of them.  Whereas I would get worn out at one time, I’m now the Energizer Bunny.  Enough said about that.  Certain slopes do still make me stop however it’s very temporary.  I like this sort of check valve in my fitness effort as it let’s me know my limits while still offering the ability to expand my endurance.

In closing there is a breathless moment of awe in the aftermath of a workout where your lungs just plain feel good.  Having an open set of freshly exercised air bags provides a feeling that you must experience yourself and should experience often.  It’ll leave you breathless.

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