The Almost Impossible #weightloss Challenge – 1 Introduction


I am in a weight loss challenge with a friend and am going to write about the contest in a series of entries on my blog.  This particular blog is the introduction.  I hope to follow this outline however knowing the way things go, I anticipate changes.

  1. Introduction to the Contest
  2. Convincing myself of the lifestyle change
  3. Goals
  4. Progress Reports
  5. Summary

The title deserves an introduction.  This contest is between two relatively fit people that hope to lose weight that is a large percentage of their bodies.  The male (that would be me) desires to lose the same amount as the female (she’s already sporting a hot bod).  The goal is 15 pounds lost.  Because of our current level of fitness and the percentage of weight involved, this could be deemed to be nearly impossible.

Considering the fact that the goal is 15 pounds each, the female proportionately should have to try harder as the amount is larger for her.  Couple that with the fact that she is already fit AND works out regularly and it combines into a need for her to work hard.

The male will also have it hard.  In order to lose this amount he will have to get down to a weight that he was at before he put weight back on as bulky muscle.  This leaves two choices.  First, he can focus totally on the weight loss through aerobic effort.  In order to do so, he would have to cease his muscle building routines which would shrink his size and reduce weight that is currently in the form of muscle density.  The second choice is harder; lose the weight and maintain his muscular size and density.  Each of these methods are easier paths than the female has.  The second method should require the most effort so he chooses the second method.

The female informed the male that she is already down two pounds.  He is behind already.  Keep posted to see where this goes.

Scott and Deb

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