An Hour a Day, You’re Better That Way #weightloss

I found this article interesting as it supports the amount of time one should exercise to optimize longevity.

The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life




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The Almost Impossible #weightloss Challenge – 1 Introduction


I am in a weight loss challenge with a friend and am going to write about the contest in a series of entries on my blog.  This particular blog is the introduction.  I hope to follow this outline however knowing the way things go, I anticipate changes.

  1. Introduction to the Contest
  2. Convincing myself of the lifestyle change
  3. Goals
  4. Progress Reports
  5. Summary

The title deserves an introduction.  This contest is between two relatively fit people that hope to lose weight that is a large percentage of their bodies.  The male (that would be me) desires to lose the same amount as the female (she’s already sporting a hot bod).  The goal is 15 pounds lost.  Because of our current level of fitness and the percentage of weight involved, this could be deemed to be nearly impossible.

Considering the fact that the goal is 15 pounds each, the female proportionately should have to try harder as the amount is larger for her.  Couple that with the fact that she is already fit AND works out regularly and it combines into a need for her to work hard.

The male will also have it hard.  In order to lose this amount he will have to get down to a weight that he was at before he put weight back on as bulky muscle.  This leaves two choices.  First, he can focus totally on the weight loss through aerobic effort.  In order to do so, he would have to cease his muscle building routines which would shrink his size and reduce weight that is currently in the form of muscle density.  The second choice is harder; lose the weight and maintain his muscular size and density.  Each of these methods are easier paths than the female has.  The second method should require the most effort so he chooses the second method.

The female informed the male that she is already down two pounds.  He is behind already.  Keep posted to see where this goes.

Scott and Deb

It’s Not the Breaths That I Took, It’s the Breaths That Were Taken Away #weightloss

This is a blog on the good and bad of breathing.  As we know, taking one’s breath away or leaving them breathless often refers to the emotion of awe.  There are however bad times associated with being breathless.  Most you can control, some you can’t.

Of course if you’re comedian Ron White and your interpreting a commercial, buying her a diamond will take her breath away or as he interprets it, “That’ll shut her up.”

There were many times my breath was taken away in a desirable manner.  Many of these occurrences were due to aesthetically pleasing sights including my own paintings.  Certainly the birth of each of my two sons and seeing them for the first time were breathless moments.  The many sights of Colorado and autumn in particular surely are among them.

Some of the breathless moments where initiated by sound.  Being named Captain of the football team and summoned to the cockpit of a plane for a flight were among them.  Having my name called for certain achievements or as the winner of a contest worked too.  Getting 15 minutes radio coverage on my book was another time.  By the way, hearing yourself on the radio is just as disappointing as seeing yourself on video at least when you have a voice like mine.

Many breathless moments came from experiences.  First kiss, certain encounters, and the taste of chocolate come to mind.  Feeling the kick of a four barrel opening and experiencing the rumble of open headers also spark my memory.

There are other breathless moments that were negative.  I’ll mention them here.  That allows me to move on to another more positive subject so that I may end this writing on a happy note.  The choking of cigarette smoke was one group of breathless moments I shall never forget.  You selfish sonsabitches and daughtersabitches that smoked in the bars are culprits.  The results of your selfishness are so bad that a friend of mine who was a singer now sleeps with oxygen due to your filthy habit.  If she wanted to sing in the bars, she had to be exposed to your unsavory, unfiltered byproduct.  If I wanted to be in the bars meeting ladies, I had to choke and listen to that worthless, Michael Jacksoff, Thriller album.  In addition, my clothes would choke me throughout the night if I hung them in the closet as the embedded tobacco polluted my room.  As it is I have to restrain myself nowadays when I see someone with an oxygen bottle.  Getting in their faces is my form of touché for their lack of consideration for my own lungs.  I’d like to inform them that they got what they deserved.  As it is, I won’t date a former smoker as I don’t want to inherit their problems, period.  I’m not dragging an oxygen bottle around for anyone but me and certainly don’t want the hindrance for boarding an airplane.  Enough negativity for now.  I did post this view of smoking in hopes that it will convince people to quit.  In many ways, it sucks big time.

And now the real reason for approaching the subject of breathless moments on a fitness blog.  In the world of fitness, breathless goes with the territory.  One often exceeds their maximum lung capacity.  As for me, it took three to four long months to be able to climb my chosen work out slopes without stopping.  Although I wasn’t a smoker, my lungs were that clogged up due to not being used to their full capacity.  Once I cleared them, life really opened up for me.  I now try to keep them open with high reps on the weights in addition to my aerobic activities such as climbing slopes.

I don’t ever want to have less than full lung capacity again.  I like to push it to that level however to be honest with you, many activities don’t get me there.  Sex is one of them.  Whereas I would get worn out at one time, I’m now the Energizer Bunny.  Enough said about that.  Certain slopes do still make me stop however it’s very temporary.  I like this sort of check valve in my fitness effort as it let’s me know my limits while still offering the ability to expand my endurance.

In closing there is a breathless moment of awe in the aftermath of a workout where your lungs just plain feel good.  Having an open set of freshly exercised air bags provides a feeling that you must experience yourself and should experience often.  It’ll leave you breathless.

Working past an injury #fitness

I recently hurt my back again while doing side twists on my Pilates machine.  I was over it in one day due to being fit and reading my body correctly.

I was starting my back routine by doing the side twists that have been so helpful in getting a flatter more muscular stomach.  As I went to get up, I could feel it; that stiffness in my lower back.  I could barely walk.  This was in the afternoon on Christmas Eve.  About 1 PM Christmas Day, I was able to do my full back routine.

The rehabilitation had to do with stretching out the disk in my lower back.  I did straight on stomach exercises and shelved the side movements.  I also avoided any downward pressure on the disk by not putting the weights over my head.   The more I moved, the quicker the injury loosened up.  Sitting and driving only made me stiffer.

My stomach routine involves many exercises that pull my pelvis towards my chest.  These in turn help to stretch out the injured area.  Here are the four exercises I do while laying flat on my back.

  1. rotate my hips up by bringing my knees to my chest
  2. extend my legs perpendicular to my body and then reach up and touch my toes (great for upper abdominals)
  3. bicycles where I crunch up touching my elbow to the opposite knee
  4. leg lifts with elevation of my lower back up off the floor at the end of the lift

I did 100 of each of these.  I could feel the muscles and lower back stretching out.  I was hesitant to do the leg lifts as sometimes they arch my back and cause it to hurt.  In the end, they were the saving grace that cured me; especially the part at the end where I pulled my lower back off the floor by forcing my legs straight upward (they are at a right angle with my body at the end of the lift).

By listening to my body and performing the correct movements, I was healed within a day.  Learn your body well and give it what it’s asking for.  Too much pain means you are doing the wrong repair.

Recommended @Elizabethbrewr #weightloss

I come across a lot of good material that will motivate you and keep you fit.  This woman’s website is exceptional and her blogs are kept up to date.  I highly recommend it.  I liked this article:

“6 Ways to Keep Your Motivation to Lose Weight”

As the new year starts and you begin to work on the body you always wanted, keep our book in mind.

“Secrets of an Over 50 Former Fat Man”.

Tis the season #weightloss #stockingstuffer

It’s that time of year when we throw caution to the wind and indulge.  We promise ourselves we will restart in January.  In order to begin your transition to the body you always wanted, start convincing yourself now.


Along with the holiday comes the opportunity to start changing your life.  You can also change the lives of others.  Investing in or requesting a copy of my book, “Secrets of an Over 50 Former Fat Man“, is cheaper than a gym membership.  Also, this will allow you to begin your change during the holidays while you are away from your normal busy schedule.


There are a lot of indulgences that lure you into false satisfaction.  Along with the momentary “feel good” of treats, include some activities into your routine as a way to provide a more desirable form of satisfaction.  A brisk walk with family or friends gives you a chance to get out of the house and show visitors something new.  A walk among the Christmas lights is even a better way to get out.  Whereas treats and alcohol provide only temporary satisfaction, getting your blood flowing will provide you with even better results that last longer.  You will begin to expand your lungs and start using muscles that are essential to improving your fitness.  As the endorphins build, feelings will transition from fatigue to rewarding.  Putting forth effort in advance will make it easier when you take it up a notch after the holidays.  It really does build on itself if you give it a try.

Eating smarter will also help.  Limit sugar and snacks while satisfying hunger with healthier alternatives such as nuts.  As you reduce your sugar intake you will find that the flavors in other foods become more noticeable and enjoyable.  You will also notice that your cravings will drop and you will feel full faster.  Sugar tends to make you hungrier while causing your body to spike in insulin.  This in turn causes you to want to eat to satisfy the sugar low.  Moderation will average this out while reducing the spiking and eating less.

By starting your lifestyle change DURING the holidays until after the end, you will stand a better chance of sticking with it.  You will be less likely to quit.  Start with increments.  The weight didn’t come on all at once so it won’t fall off quickly either.  Invest in yourself a little at a time while observing the improvements.  They will incentivise you to improve even further.  You can do this.  All it takes is a little determination.

Have a great holiday!  Give the gift of happiness that a fit body provides.  “Secrets of an Over 50 Former Fat Man”Secrets of an Over Fifty Former Fat Man”.

Nothing Motivates Weight Loss More Than Seeing Yourself on Camera

Fortunately, I was only shown from the shoulders up in this latest video:

monster truck, weight loss over 50 entry for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2015 Contest Entry

Most of us do not like the way we look on camera.  Therefore, viewing yourself can be a motivator.  Take a video of yourself to see how others view you.  It’s a great motivator for change if you don’t like what you see.  If you do like what you see, congratulations on the reward for your hard work.

Not all blogs have to be long.  This little hint should incentivize you or at the very least; it should provide a method by which to gauge your progress and/or ability to maintain.

Create that Awesome Body and then Dress Appropriately #weightloss


This blog is a reference to a well written article about dressing properly for travel.  You have gone to great lengths to look good with your workout efforts.  Why not showcase your body with attractive clothing?  When I lost my weight, I went from wearing extra large to size small.  I threw out a pile of clothes that was 3 feet high and replaced them with smaller sizes.  If these starting getting tight, I knew it was time to begin to slim down again.  This has resulted in success while keeping the weight off.  Try this, you’ll like it!

I’ll Keep An Ear(bud) Out For Ya #weightloss #fitness

Ear buds provide the technology that frees you to perform many tasks including your daily workout.  These little gems of quality sound have brought speakers into your personal space.  The sound quality and noise reduction have vastly improved.  Therein lies the problem. #weightloss #fitness

The reduction or elimination of noise means you could be eliminating one of your five senses (hearing) that are there to alert you from danger.  Therefore, if you are working out near traffic or any other hazardous environment such as running or biking near a construction zone, you are exposing yourself to potential injury.  This extends beyond physical activities to those such as driving.  There is an easy solution, keep one ear bud out so that you can hear your environment’s warning signals.

One place where this is very valuable is cougar country.  The locations where I hike are known for having mountain lions present.  Others have seen and heard them.  I have cut across their tracks in the snow.  Although they are silent stalking predators, cougars will generally warn you vocally when you approach their kill.  If you don’t have your ear bud out, you might not hear the warning and become Little Friskies.  Of course this beats dying in a nursing home that smells of urine while being staffed by people who really aren’t paid enough to give a dam about you.

Lion encounters are best addressed by not having an encounter in the first place.  By having an advanced warning through your ability to hear, you most likely avoid an encounter.  If you do have an encounter, it remains to be seen whether you will be a bigger youtube sensation for killing the lion or being killed by the lion based on recent occurrences.  Personally, I would rather avoid each by keeping an ear bud out.