Nothing Motivates Weight Loss More Than Seeing Yourself on Camera

Fortunately, I was only shown from the shoulders up in this latest video:

monster truck, weight loss over 50 entry for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2015 Contest Entry

Most of us do not like the way we look on camera.  Therefore, viewing yourself can be a motivator.  Take a video of yourself to see how others view you.  It’s a great motivator for change if you don’t like what you see.  If you do like what you see, congratulations on the reward for your hard work.

Not all blogs have to be long.  This little hint should incentivize you or at the very least; it should provide a method by which to gauge your progress and/or ability to maintain.

Create that Awesome Body and then Dress Appropriately #weightloss


This blog is a reference to a well written article about dressing properly for travel.  You have gone to great lengths to look good with your workout efforts.  Why not showcase your body with attractive clothing?  When I lost my weight, I went from wearing extra large to size small.  I threw out a pile of clothes that was 3 feet high and replaced them with smaller sizes.  If these starting getting tight, I knew it was time to begin to slim down again.  This has resulted in success while keeping the weight off.  Try this, you’ll like it!

I’ll Keep An Ear(bud) Out For Ya #weightloss #fitness

Ear buds provide the technology that frees you to perform many tasks including your daily workout.  These little gems of quality sound have brought speakers into your personal space.  The sound quality and noise reduction have vastly improved.  Therein lies the problem. #weightloss #fitness

The reduction or elimination of noise means you could be eliminating one of your five senses (hearing) that are there to alert you from danger.  Therefore, if you are working out near traffic or any other hazardous environment such as running or biking near a construction zone, you are exposing yourself to potential injury.  This extends beyond physical activities to those such as driving.  There is an easy solution, keep one ear bud out so that you can hear your environment’s warning signals.

One place where this is very valuable is cougar country.  The locations where I hike are known for having mountain lions present.  Others have seen and heard them.  I have cut across their tracks in the snow.  Although they are silent stalking predators, cougars will generally warn you vocally when you approach their kill.  If you don’t have your ear bud out, you might not hear the warning and become Little Friskies.  Of course this beats dying in a nursing home that smells of urine while being staffed by people who really aren’t paid enough to give a dam about you.

Lion encounters are best addressed by not having an encounter in the first place.  By having an advanced warning through your ability to hear, you most likely avoid an encounter.  If you do have an encounter, it remains to be seen whether you will be a bigger youtube sensation for killing the lion or being killed by the lion based on recent occurrences.  Personally, I would rather avoid each by keeping an ear bud out.

You Can Train Your Body to Like Activity #weightloss

Yesterday was proof that my body is trained to like activity.  I climbed a 500 foot trail from an elevation of 10,960 to 11,454 feet without having to stop.  This is because my body has been trained to accept my new lifestyle.  Note that the air is much thinner at this altitude than many others.  I had no difficulty due to the altitude because I had built up to the challenge.

Rarely do I ever feel the muscle pain of lactic acid buildup.  I used to have this feeling and wrote about powering through it in my book, “Secrets of An Over 50 Former Fat Man”.  Now however I don’t get that temporary pain when climbing a slope.  It also fails to appear when I lift dumb bells.  My body has been trained to respond to activity and I’m liking it.  By removing one more hindrance, I am more likely to work out and like it.

My lungs are now uninhibited as well.  Whereas I had to stop to catch my breath early on in my lifestyle, I now just keep going.  It took three long months to clear my lungs to a point where they were restriction free.  Now that they are there I can just keep going.  I perform cardio workouts at least every three days to keep my longs open.  I also take in air at full capacity in order to keep them open.  It’s amazing how fast my heart rate slows when I perform this act of ingesting oxygen.  My grandfather used to take deep breaths upon awakening.  He lived to be 92.

#weightloss, weight loss, over 50, Scott Deuty

The road got longer and my smile got wider

My hike up to the fire tower on Squaw Mountain was very rewarding.   As the road got longer, my smile got bigger.  Every time I thought a bend meant the end, rounding the corner revealed another stretch of uphill.  I was actually a bit disappointed when I reached my destination.  It was a good thing as the cool air, dryness, and elevation had sapped my body.  I was in need of hydrating and could feel it in my muscles.  I had only perspired a small amount of actual sweat running down my body.  The majority had evaporated.  When you lose moisture in this fashion, it is very dangerous.  You don’t realize your loss.  If you don’t hydrate, it can result in convulsions and reduced ability to think clearly.

Along the way, I encountered a hiker who complained of the heat.  I was quite comfortable.  In fact, I had felt an initial chill due to my sleeveless shirt I was wearing.  I realized that my training at the lower 5,000 foot elevations of Red Rocks was paying off as the heat did not affect me nearly as much.  Again, I had trained my body.  You can too.  Read my book and get out to enjoy the summer while getting fit!

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Cover of my new ebook “Yes You Can Have the Body You Always Wanted”

Hey folks,

A “lighter” version of my book, “Secrets of an Over 50 Former Fat Man” is now awaiting authorization on the Kindle website.  Once it hits, you will be able to download it for free.  This free period lasts five days so check back on this blog for updates.  Thanks for your support!


Having the Body You Desire Requires a Backup Plan

You will achieve your weight loss goals much faster if you have a backup plan in place.  A backup plan is an alternative plan that you implement in the event your primary plans don’t materialize.  Often referred to as a plan B, a backup plan is your alternative source if Plan A does not work out.  It doesn’t hurt to have plans C, D, …..etc.  Putting these plans in place means that it is more likely you will complete your workout for the day.

Yesterday was the fourth of July.  I was trying to fit a lot into one day.  I had a parade in the morning, a trailer for sale that I was going to show, a workout planned at Red Rocks, and a car show/cruise planned for the evening.

Everything was going well until I got to Red Rocks around 1 PM.  When I entered the parking lot, the presence of attendants at the pedestrian entrance indicated the amphitheater was closed.  This is the area of the park where I work out.  The closure meant that plan A was no longer a viable option.  It was time to implement plan B.


Plan B had to fit into my daily schedule.  It had to be between Red Rocks and my next destination which was a car cruise in Golden, Colorado.  Fortunately there was an elevated hike that I climb along the way.  This hike has a nice Park and Ride Parking lost.  The climb itself is an up an invigorating slope that challenges my thighs and calves.  Incidentally climbing slopes is really working as I get a lot of compliments on my legs.

I climbed the slope and went along the trail above on the ridge.  Along the way I collected my thoughts.  There were other things to do on this day.  Among them were the desire to text a 4th of July greeting to friends and family, make my daily calls as I was in town near a good signal, and the final effort which was to acknowledge Bob Ross who had died in 1995 on the 4th of July.  It was hard to believe this man had been gone for 20 years.  Bob has had a huge influence on my life and painting success.  See more at my website

minimonster truck, Scott Deuty

My Scout an Monster Truck All Decked out for the Parade

In addition to getting a workout, I was celebrating being free in such a wonderful country as America.  To the east was a shooting range and motocross track where Americans were enjoying freedom.  To the south was Bandimere speedway where racers and fans were drag racing.  Below me was another hiking trail and Red Rocks amphitheater.  To the west was the Rocky Mountains.  An endless stream of travelers headed into the mountains to enjoy the holiday.  Few semis were among the traffic.  I felt for those ones that were present whose drivers chose to work on the holiday.

My final destination was the Golden Car Cruise, a monthly event of parking, walking around parked cars, viewing cruising cars, and cruising among the cars.  This event was my plan C of sorts as I walked for about an hour.  Although it was on flat land, it was good exercise.

Golden Car Cruise, Scott Deuty

56 Chevy Made into a 4WD El Camino on Display at the Monthly Golden Car Cruise

Indian Hills Parade, Scott Deuty, minimonstertruck

My View of the Indian Hills Parade from the Driver’s Seat

You can have the body you always wanted without spending much

I paid less than $35 for equipment that helped me lose 60 pounds.  Most of the equipment I obtained was free.  This includes my Pilates machine, yoga mat, and dumb bells.

When my 15 pound dumb bells were no longer doing the trick, I found some used 45 pounders for $30 on Craigslist.  I then traded my 15 pounders for ones that I could add or subtract weight disks to.  All I have to do know is watch for weight plates to buy.  A friend ordered a new Total Gym and was discarding her Pilates machine.  I got it free  Within two weeks it had caved the sides of my stomach in after months of trying.  I adapted it to do all kinds of exercises.

Scott Deuty, weight loss, fitness, over 50

My yoga mat, weight belt, and dumb bells cost under $35.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to build a decent workout facility.  People are always discarding equipment.  This makes it easy to obtain.  Many people have equipment just sitting around.  Although they had good intentions for using it, now it just takes up space.  You can pick these glorious finds up for a song.  Make a low offer.  In most cases they’ll be happy just to get rid of the item that’s taking up space.

Garage sales are another place to find good equipment.  I also look at thrift stores.  The weight belt that I use cost $3.  When a friend had a back injury, he borrowed the belt.  He loved the adjustable nature of it.  When he researched the same type on the internet, he couldn’t find one for less than $200.  This was a lesson in seizing the opportunity.

Scott Deuty, weight loss, fitness, over 50

Adding Dumb bells increases the resistance thus rendering a better workout

I also save money by doing free things for my cardio workout.  Hiking trails near my home are free as is Red Rocks.  I work out at home rather than pay a gym.  When I stay at a hotel, I plan my workout so as to take advantage of their facility.  When i stay at a friend’s apartment complex, I use their equipment.

Working out at different locations takes some ingenuity.  Be flexible and adapt to various machines.  If you get set in the same old routine, it will be hard for you to hit all of the muscle groups.  Look around at a new location.  You’ll be surprised at what it offers.  You also might be surprised at what it’s lacking.

How to Maintain Your Fitness

Sooner or later, life’s commitments will creep into your schedule and take over.  My advice is not to let this happen.  This blog talks about a few ways to keep on your fitness routine.

weight loss, fitness, over 50, Scott Deuty

The benches at Red Rocks are Perfect for Leveraging from While Doing Leg Lifts

I made a pact with myself that helps me stay fit.  I live in the mountains and often have to visit Denver which us locals refer to as “down the hill”.  Along the way to Denver is one of my favorite work out venues, Red Rocks Amphitheater.  I made a pact that I can’t pass Red Rocks without working out.  Therefore, I always allot time for my workout in any of these trips.

I have to think ahead when scheduling Red Rocks as there are two factors that might affect my visit; the amphitheater closes at certain times and Colorado often gets afternoon rain in the summer.

The amphitheater has varying times when it is accessible.  I check the calendar for these times so that I know when to go.  My workout takes two hours.  The park often closes at 1 PM.  Therefore, I try to get there by 11 AM.  The times vary for when the park closes based on the desires of the band that is appearing.  The closing times aren’t always published.  I’ve found myself doing dips on a railing as a celebrity who was appearing that evening was being filmed in an interview above me.  Nothing stops the workout so I went about my business.  It was interesting to hear the responses to the interview.  Work outs aren’t always mundane.  Often a gift like this comes from my session.

In addition to checking the theater schedule, I watch the weather.  I work around any rain.  Although I try not to let weather affect me, rain often chills me beyond my ability to remain comfortable.  Therefore I avoid the rain.  On occasion I’ve had to wait out the rain for a bit.  The blue skies of Colorado return quickly.  The sun burns off the water allowing me to do my abdominal routine and push ups.  I’m blessed to live in a place that enhances my routine with pleasant weather and an amazing place like Red Rocks.