I have decided to succumb to reality of self-publishing by offering a free ebook.  Although my company’s income relies in part on book sales, I have researched enough writing success stories to understand that exposure is everything for an author.  With an estimated 3,000 books being uploaded everyday, one has to provide a way to stick out among the crowd.  Many self-publishing authors do this by offering one book free in order to establish their credibility with readers for future sales.  Free ebooks provide a segway to more detailed work.  A free offer garners interest that entices readers to pay for the more valuable, more detailed work.

This effort not only will offer me more exposure for my existing work, it gave me a chance to improve my writing skills.  I was able to put together a 4,000 word ebook in a matter of about four hours.  Last week I wrote a 10,000 work ebook in about 10 hours. In addition to gaining experience in writing these books, I’m improving on my ability to format them while providing links for fast navigation of the subject matter.

Be looking for my free ebook shortly.  The title is “YOU CAN HAVE THE BODY YOU ALWAYS WANTED’ A
20 Minute Guide to Getting Fit”.  I will be listing this book on my website,  Until this book is available, you can always order my current book, “Secrets of an Over 50 Former Fat Man“.

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