Overcoming the Desire to Quit #weightloss #loseweight

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Here’s how to easily overcome hesitation.  We all get that losing feeling where there seems to be hesitation within every cell of our body.  I have had that feeling a lot lately.  I have overcome it with a few, simple techniques that I hope to share with you.

In order to overcome hesitation, there are two steps.  The first step is to understand the hesitation and the second step is to do something to offset it.  Before you can invoke either of these steps realize that life is made up of increments.  A short lesson in increments will calm your fears as well as decrease your hesitation.

Increments are easy to understand.  You are currently viewing increments on your screen.  They are the little individual pixels of various colors that are summed together by your eye to form an image.  Pixels have gotten smaller over the years and thus images can be made to look much finer than ever.  If you want to look at larger pixel arrangements, look closely at an old tube type TV or computer display or just look out the window through a screen.  Do you see how the little points are broken down?  Those are pixels.  They are little increments that combine into an image.

Life is full of increments.  Your weight increased in increments.  Your weight will decrease in increments.  The same goes with your hesitation and willingness to quit.  If you look at life as a whole, it is very easy to desire to quit.  This is because whole tasks often appear overwhelming.  For example:

– my debt is too large

– I have to lose too much weight

– My routine takes too long to do

– I have 60% more reps to do

Just remember

– Rome wasn’t built in a day

– You can’t boil the ocean

Understand that every other person is in the same boat as you with these concerns.  The ones that succeed are the ones that understand life is doable.  In fact they take the easy route.  Is there an easy route?  Yes, in fact there is.  Do your tasks in increments that you can accomplish.  That’s the easy way.  The next hint is to prioritize.  Ask yourself, what will get me the farthest the fastest?  Congratulations!  You now understand increments, the cause of your hesitation, and how to overcome it; kind of.

Overcoming the hesitation requires confidence to replace the anxiety.  Although I mentioned prioritizing, it’s not always easy.  Often times we cheat just a little in order to obtain a short sighted reward that offsets a long term gain.  This is how most diets and exercise plans fail.  We take a route that appears easier and has more immediate rewards.  Did we succeed?  Absolutely not.  We added to our anxiety and hesitation and made it worse by not eliminating one of the tasks.  Had we accomplished something, we would now be on the other side with confidence and less to do rather than wallowing in anguish and still having as much to do without the benefit of the additional time we just wasted.

I overcame the hesitation by performing tasks in increments and only then did I look at the enormity of the task.  Here are two examples.

I got comments on my entire physique not just one area of my body.  In reality, I worked my parts individually by day; chest, shoulders, back, and a combination of cardio/legs or cardio/legs/upper body.  Each of these were then broken down into sets of exercises.  Each exercise was then broken down into 50 repetitions each.  The smallest increment is one repetition, of one exercise, of one area of my body.  The end result was a compliment on the entire look.  I didn’t start there, I ended there.  Along the way, the hesitation and anxiety oozed from my body.  They were replaced by confidence and endorphins that made me feel better.  Remember that quick reward I referred to?  Yup!  You can easily have that too!  It’s just in a different form that is much better for your confidence and desire to reach your goal.  Rewards are what you make them.  That is why humans have the gift of intelligence to decide how to appreciate life.  You can feel better after completing 50 repetitions just as easily as you can from eating a piece of cake.

The next example is based on my oil paintings.  I get a lot of compliments on the detail.  In truth, a painting is best viewed from ten feet away where your eye can sum up the increments into a pleasant image.  In reality, I’m laying down brush strokes in millimeter increments under a magnifying glass.  Here are two of the results of that strategy.

#weightloss, #loseweight, Vince Lombarde, Jerry Kramer, Scott Deuty

The Detail is the Result of Many Small Incremental Brush Strokes

This next picture is drying so the photograph is not as great due to the reflection of light by the wet paint.  Also, I made a mess of the logo that is easily cleaned up with additional layers.

Van Halen, oil painting, Scott Deuty

Van Halen Painting for My Son; touch up and drying needed to improve clarity

Notice how I presented a completed painting as well as one that is in progress.  Painting is accomplished in layers.  Some layers must dry before others can be applied.  Also, there is a stopping point in the human spirit where creativity starts to diminish.  These are very important points.  Know when to walk away.  As far as your workout goes, this is the point where to are about to injure yourself due to fatigue.  Tomorrow is another day.  You will most likely be more capable of accomplishing goals after some rest.  Walk away with confidence in your accomplishment which will greatly reduce your anxiety level.

This brings us to our final key to success; patience.  In order to reduce the anxiety, eliminate the time element from your task.  Time only adds pressure while causing you to sacrifice quality for completion.  I have to let one layer dry before I apply the next layer.  Otherwise, the paint mixes together and forms mud instead of creating orange from just yellow and red.  The same applies to achieving your weight loss goals.  Do it in layers.  Complete each layer with a daily activity.  Don’t “fit in” your workout.  Take as much time as you need to complete it.  Treat it as a priority and not an afterthought.  The OTHER stuff can wait.  You are investing in your future.

By invoking these methods, you will gain confidence.  One secret for success is how you end your day.  Look at what you accomplished versus what you didn’t get done.  My bed is surrounded by my paintings no matter what stage they are in.  They are the last thing I see before I sleep and the first thing I see when I wake up.  At night I focus on how far they have progressed.  I understand that driving myself harder when I am tired will only result in mistakes that will add work to my schedule rather than reduce it.  I avoid any thoughts that create anxiety by leaving planning for the next day.  I will sleep better if I relax and forget about it.   In the morning I use them as incentive for taking the next step towards completion.  If only that painting would dry enough to get to putting detail on the mountains……

landscape artist, Maroon Bells, oil painting

Maroon Bells Painting Waiting to Dry so that I can detail the mountains without muddying the color or smearing the outer scenery

Weight loss is like painting, it comes off in layers and increments.  By viewing life in increments, you will be less likely to quit and more likely to succeed.  Complete your layer (sets of repetitions) today, enjoy a fit body soon!

Free ebook on #weightloss #loseweight

Get our 20 minute guide to losing weight free!  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0120T7862

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