Do we get stronger or weaker as out workout progresses?

I always wondered how sportscasters could claim a runner got stronger as the game went on.  I often thought it was due to the opposition getting more tired thus making it easier to pound away at them.  I have however experienced a peaking where I actually get stronger instead of the fatigue that’s typical as my workout progresses.

Prior to addressing the subject of getting stronger, it’s important to know my routine.  I lift a set amount of weight and do 50 reps.  I use 45 pound dumb bells for most exercises and 20 pounders for exercises that are more taxing.  I used to start with high reps and progress to higher weight with lower reps.  I found that routine was better for gaining strength when I was younger.  At age 54 I’m more interested in definition than strength so I do high reps and a fixed weight.  This works well for me.

The increase in strength has occurred while lifting weights as well as during my combination cardio/upper body/abs workout.

I can usually do the most reps when I start a dumb bell exercise.  I then reduce the number of reps.  I try to do 30 and then 20.  Sometimes I do 20 then 15 and then another 15 reps.  There are actually times when I can do higher reps in the second set.  I in fact become stronger instead of more fatigued.

I go to a local amphitheater for my cardio/upper body/abs workout.  I climb the stairs for the cardio portion.  For my triceps I do full body dips and half body dips.  For my chest I do declined push ups.  For my abs I do leg lifts.  I have found that on occasion I can do more reps on the second set than the first.  I actually get stronger.  Towards the end however, I do tend to weaken.  The same goes for the dumb bell routine.  It’s almost as if my strength peaks.  I’d be interested to here feedback from those with similar experiences.

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